1. "If a state institutes a policy of banning body modifications (generally piercings) in schools, they leave “young modders” with an unpleasant choice: cease to exist as modified people, or be expelled from the school system to fend in the world without an education. To take away someone’s basic right to an education over a piercing or tattoo makes a powerful statement: the government viewpoint is that we do not in fact own our bodies or have authority over them, and that the government holds the sole rights to dictate what happens to your body."

    Shannon Larratt (via cedarbreath)

    I was talking about this today with Misplaced Milk, and how it’s the same in the workplace. It’s such a socially constructed idea that someone with any sorts of body mods will be less capable of performing a job (or learning something) that they may be perfectly qualified to do. It perpetuates a totally unfounded stigma. It is assumed that people with body mods won’t work as well as those without THEREFORE they don’t get hired THEREFORE we don’t see people with mods performing well in the workplace THEREFORE it is assumed that they’re not there because they are less capable THEREFORE they are generally less likely to be hired THEREFORE we see less of them in the workplace etc etc etc. Such a ridiculous trend. I’m glad to see it beginning to be broken down in some workplaces though. 

    I’m definitely keen to do more to my body in the future in terms of piercings and tattoos, but as someone who’s about to graduate with a degree in teaching, my options for placement on my body have to be so so discreet. Otherwise I’ll turn all the children into deviant anarchist bisexual drug-addled tortured experimental postmodern artists through the power of hypnotic individuality. Well good, we need more of those.

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